You have a choice in District #2

Do you like the direction that our County has been moving in for the past 3 years? Do you like the decisions made by the County in the last several months? Do you like the “business as usual” model? If you answered NO to these questions, I want you to know that you have a choice. Let me share with you what kind of candidate I am and the kind of County Commissioner I strive to be:

-I promise to be transparent in all county business, I promise to treat everyone with respect, I promise to LISTEN to my constituents, and I promise to be considerate of their opinions.

-I will review every budget line by line and thoughtfully review all items and concerns brought to me.

-I want to earn and keep your trust and to work for the public good.

-I want to bring our county together and to do my best to solve the difficult issues such as our road challenges, our jail concerns and the NEED for more transparency and accountability by our commissioners.

If you think I am your candidate and you choose to support me or even if you don’t support me I have one expectation from you; if I become your county commissioner I expect you the taxpayers, residents, the citizens of Park County to hold me accountable to everything that I have said here and, everything that I have written and posted on social media. I am committed to Park County; I am committed to creating community among our residents and I am committed to doing so with a servant leadership mindset. #choiceforPark #Parkfirst #Cyndie4Park