EDITED: Will the County spend $100,000 tax payer dollars on two toilets?

Today's work session at 9:30 am will include recommendations from the Land and Water Trust Fund Board (LWTFB) to approve 2 of 4 projects proposed to the County. This is the recommendation from the LWTFB concerning the County paying for 2 toilets on United States Forest Service.

"Park county taxpayers are being asked to pay for $100k+ toilets, the ability to improve USFS land so it can be leased out to a private concessionaire, who will then charge an entrance fee in which the concessionaire and USFS split the fees, $0 come back to Park county. What is the benefit to the Park county taxpayer? We currently have increased use, but not an increase in the ability to patrol the area and protect the natural resources and visitors, there is no plan in place to accommodate the current visitor load let alone the expected increase this project will bring. USFS representative was asked the above questions, admittedly from him there is no tax base that returns to Park County as a result of this project. There are no plans to increase patrol for increased visitor use. The negative impact that this will have on Park county residents and first responders outweighs the need for $137,300 toilets. Suggestion: rent porta potties for the high visitor use times."

Will the BOCC approve this ridiculous expenditure of taxpayer dollars on two toilets, wouldn't these monies be better used to purchase water rights for our County in relation to fire suppression? Have our local government officials gone the way of Washington? I say to the BOCC......the voters are watching!

EDIT: The toilets are $50,000 per toilet x 2, the $37,000 is for ADA compliant fire rings and picnic tables.

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