What to do about the light that is leaving?

Most of you that live off of 43A know about the light and that soon it will be leaving us allowing 285 traffic to flow unimpeded. CDOT has posted the schedule and the project will go up for bid in August. This issue was brought to the residents of Bailey back in October of 2019 here is coverage of the meeting from The Flume. This is from the article provided “We are going to push for merge lanes at that location before the light is removed,” Elsner said. “I think we got the message, and this [traffic light removal] will have to wait.” Here we are a year later and what has been done by our County Commissioners to ensure that the will of the people has been heard? The short answer is nothing and all the while our current County Commissioner in District #2 sits as a VOTING member of the CDOT State Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC). He has touted this membership on the STAC allows him to put our needs in front of CDOT. Please see the attached file to view all of his comments on the STAC for the last year. I thought the October 25, 2019 meeting comments were interesting only 2 weeks after the 3 1/2 hour meeting with the residents concerning CR 43 and he says NOTHING to the committee about the light removal. I ask you is this leadership we can count on?

STAC participation 5 2019 through 5 2020

What would I do different as your County Commissioner? Number one: I would have had Road and Bridge start looking at the County roads that will be impacted by this change i.e. county road 72 and 43 and what improvements we would need to work on as a County to make those roads safer for the residents utilizing those roads to get to the overpass. Number two: I would see what it would take to install an emergency light at the fire house on 43 so that in an emergency traffic can be stopped and allow the emergency vehicles unimpeded access to the county road. Smart County Commissioners would take on what they can control which is our county roads. Unfortunately, our County Commissioners have not been pro-active and we are left with no plan in place to handle this situation other than a strongly worded letter from the BOCC submitted to CDOT last week. #Parkfirst#CyndieforPark