To be clear.....

Updated: Jun 3

I am well aware that if we pursue a Short-term Rental tax that this would be a lodging tax to be used for tourism .....I could have sworn I said that yesterday, here is the direct quote for those that missed it, "the State may look at this as one in the same. If it is a lodging tax it can only be used for promoting tourism." here is the link to the blog post.

We do not have a "tourism" line item, but we certainly have a place for revenues and expenditures, as stated in the 2020 budget page 2 of the introduction under the General Fund "The following Offices, Departments and Services are anticipated to be delivered to the residents of Park County in 2020: ....Department of South Park National Heritage Area (including tourism)" Expenditures connected to this department are found on page 22 of the General Fund no revenue but $250,000+ in expenditures. In the GRANT Fund page 7 you will find the National Heritage Area SPNHA FEDERAL revenues totaling $327,000 and the expenditures zero out those funds. These are two separate funds those dollars cannot be commingled.

I do not know where and how Summit County uses their short-term rental taxes nor have I ever intended to claim to know, and I certainly never intended or thought that they use them on roads, my website has been corrected to reflect that.

Lastly, if this really would not make a difference, I would move on to the next idea to create revenue for our County. I am not for the "business as usual" model that we keep running in our county, the model that says "Unfortunately we don’t have many options to increase revenue......"

The question remains what will our current commissioners do to create resources? I hear crickets.....