So many signs for candidates, do you ever wonder how a candidate can afford so many. Most of the time candidates are funded through donations, some are self funding and some candidates do a little bit of both. The Secretary of State (SOS) provides the tool for transparency for Campaign and Political Financing. For those that are really interested in the rules we must follow here is the manual provided by the SOS.


To provide further transparency each candidate must fill out a TRACER report periodically throughout their campaign. These reports detail who their donors are and how they have spent the money they have raised or personally donated to their campaign. To accept or solicit campaign donations you MUST have a committee. TRACER also provides anyone the ability to file a complaint if they believe that these campaign finance laws have been violated. To see any candidate reports search here. This is my TRACER report filed June 9, 2020, the next report is due June 26, 2020.

TRACER_Sherriff 6 9 2020pdf

At the beginning of my campaign I decided that I would not solicit donations and up to this point have mostly self-funded my campaign. I am in no way being critical of those soliciting donations its just a personal thing for me. I have taken in donations when they were offered to me, however I really believe that my desire to serve this County should not be funded by the people I want to serve. #ParkFirst #ChoiceforD2 #Cyndie4Park