Short Term Rental SALES tax or is it a lodging tax?

Well, it is a tax and the State may look at this as one in the same. If it is a lodging tax it can only be used for promoting tourism. Our tourism budget currently sits in the general fund and this year is budgeted (as it is EVERY year) with a deficit of $250,000+. Whether this short-term rental tax monies can go to roads or goes to the general fund-it is REVENUE. The proposed tax impacts by and large non-residents of Park County. This out of the box thinking creates a new source of revenue that might allow our County to take care of shortfalls in the general fund and then pass some of it on to the roads. So, the question really is what are the current commissioners going to do to create resources? What I have seen so far is nothing but proposals to raise taxes on the residents of this County.