Am I involved in our bet!

Recently I was asked what have you done for this community? Most of my service for my community has been involved with the school district. I have served my local school district on many levels from a 2 year service as the Chair of the Platte Canyon High School Accountability Committee, to serving as Chair on the newly formed Financial Oversight Accountability Sub-Committee, I have attended almost every “Walk-in Wednesday” at the school district and I can count on one hand every missed Platte Canyon School Board meeting since May 2016. I am currently serving my local neighborhood as a Property Owner Association Board member.

The largest involvement in my community is addressed here on my website. My continued work with the Platte Canyon School District #1 has gone from a position of opposition to a position of COLLABORATION and it has taken forward steps on both sides.

Most recently my work took a different turn, I took on a small very local project concerning the IMPROPERLY NOTICED and UNLAWFUL speed limit change on CR43 made by our County Manager under the supervision of our current Board of County Commissioners. This project took one and a half business days, 20 minutes on Google to find the applicable law, 3 CORA requests and a handful of emails to the County Manager and to our current District #2 Commissioner to have the speed limit that had been abruptly reduced from 45 - 35 MPH changed to the LEGAL speed limit of 40 MPH.

What is to be learned by serving your community? You learn to listen fiercely, speak compassionately, embrace flexibility, sometimes you must compromise, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you just serve and really; that is what is most important.