I am a virtual executive assistant and business consultant specializing in property management and nonprofit organizations. I am responsible for data entry, office management, and efficient process development and execution. I am required to provide financial analysis, data and budgets to help inform management and board decisions.  My largest client is a Realtor, which requires me to maintain books for our properties, manage in excess of 1 million dollars annually in rent and several millions of dollars in sales and assets.  Because my work is to assist a Realtor, all the transactions and financial reporting that I do must be compliant with CO state Real Estate law. Under the direction of the Broker I draft leases, property management agreements and create the annual budgets for managed properties and HOAs. 

I currently serve as the Chair of the Financial Oversight Advisory Subcommittee for Platte Canyon School District #1.  This committee provides the district input on the $12 million+ dollar budget, reviews quarterly statements, the audit and the mid-year budget revision. We provide comment directly to the Board and the Director of Business Services.  I also volunteer as the Secretary of Elk Creek Highlands Property Owners Association and as Secretary of PACE, a student advocacy group.  I have always enjoyed volunteering to help communities and my efforts in public service in the past have allowed me to become well versed in Robert’s Rules of Order and certain aspects of the Colorado Revised State Statutes.  This work has afforded me the opportunity to lead diverse groups to accomplish common goals.